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Welcome To Kingdom Bible Training Center

According to KBTC's teachings, every Christian must recognize their leadership potential. As Christians, we are intended to live in close proximity, sharing not only our possessions but also our stories and beliefs.


As your understanding develops, we hope that this school will encourage you to discover your place in the world and make a positive contribution to the community.

In every class, the finest theological, leadership, and ministry studies are presented, and they will profoundly affect your life and career. These convenient monthly courses are intended to:

  • Gain assurance in the biblical knowledge you possess.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to disciple people and evangelize more effectively.

  • Develop the skills necessary to become a successful leader.

  • Develop a greater understanding of your faith.

  • Enrich your life and carry out the mission that God has given you.

Programs at Kingdom Bible Training Center

We are thrilled that you have chosen Kingdom Bible Training Center to further your knowledge of God‘s Word and to assist you in becoming a more effective witness for the Lord Jesus Christ. As a student of  KBTC you will have access to the premier church-based training and equipping program available today!

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Theology degree are free to take whatever courses meet their needs, as long as at least one course is taken from each Division. A specialized Degree Concentration is made up of ten related courses.

Masters of Theology

Our Bible Classes provide a valuable opportunity for our students to learn in a vibrant, supportive and dynamic community, while fostering the flexibility to focus on whatever area most interests them.

Doctor of Theology

Project-based and experiential learning are encouraged in all classrooms across our school and, Prayer Groups are no exception. We believe in letting students explore each subject matter in a way that makes a lasting impact.

Bachelor Of Theology


Our Certificate Program bundles courses into specialized areas of ministry. This enables students and/or schools to focus their studies, thereby receiving specialized training and equipping for practical ministry. Certificates of Ministry are earned by successfully completing the five courses listed within each particular area of study.

Diploma of Theology

Our desire is to provide various delivery systems to accommodate and meet the needs of our students worldwide. Therefore, we have made courses available on the following delivery systems: Live, DVD, Flash Drive, MP3-CD, and Online. (DVDs are for campus use only.) The media availability for each course is indicated with the course description.

Study Online

Individual students not affiliated with a local CLEN member school can take courses as Distance Education students. A Distance Education (DE) student may enroll as a student by submitting an application directly to the KBTC office. Distance Education students can complete a KBTC course at home. Course materials include Video Lectures, Course Syllabus/ Study Guide, and textbook (PDF) where available, and exam will be sent to you.

Vision, Mission & Value


Our vision is to establish ourselves as the leading worldwide provider of Christian higher education programs and resources.


Our Mission to serve students and institutions around the world by producing high-quality, adaptable, and reasonably-priced educational materials in the areas of Bible, theology, ministry, and leadership.

Core Values:

    Quality: A dedication to providing the finest Christian higher education resources and programs, taught by the finest instructors. 
     Ability to adapt: A commitment to offering local churches, ministries, and students individualized educational solutions.

Ability to pay: A commitment to maintaining low costs while supplying a source of funding for participating programs.

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